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My m.a yogacharay from sanskirit university haridwar, Y graduation from Uttrakhand open university. I got my initial education in Rickshaw village school and I gave m.a. from Uttarakhand Unicorp University. He did it from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. Came to the field of yoga because of the encouragement of my friend. First I was a professional kabaddi player, but due to the encouragement of my friend, I came into the field of yoga and I believe that the God of my yogi, the Supreme Father has already Had already decided that my friend came to me as a medium and he encouraged me to do yoga, since then I have been constantly here for yoga And wandered last. I was wandering for yoga but finally got my search completed in Kanva Ashram Kotdwar, I went there through an acquaintance and there I was Guru ji today from Bal Brahmachari Yogiraj Dr. VS Pal Jain ji who is the President of India. Are equipped with the title of Bhima modern. I met him and ended my search for yoga there. He learned from you Pran Power Yoga through him in all diseases. Prana Power Yoga is effective in all diseases. After that I met his disciple Shri Yoga Guru Naveen Joshi ji and he was taught by Meen Guru ji to do me pranayam in the rugs and the rest of the education and made me certified yoga teacher. Today I am now Yogacharya I have a post graduate degree in Yoga Fodder and today's Yoga Certificate of DTC and I am a Certified Hata Yoga Teacher Experience is and whenever I do I will refresh myself, am in a right position and whenever I look back I can make myself a good and capable person. My mentor is my parents and my brother in making this capable person. That much support of my family is very much supportive of my friends and I believe that God the Father has prepared this path for me from the beginning and I am very happy to live this worthy clock today. and me And I believe that to bring me on this path, this path was paved for me from the very beginning by God the Father. I want that I can treat and treat more and more sick people and live the right and healthy life in them. That is my objective and this is my ultimate aim and ultimate duty to learn yoga and teach yoga. This is also my request to God that through me all the people are well-being of all, not only for the sake of me. The only purpose of learning and teaching yoga is that I can benefit more and more people and live a healthy life, only I am the only one whoever is, only the grace of God the Father and he is the caretaker of all. . The actor is able to do this with his blessings and I feel happy when I can see someone healthy.


Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India

Health Concerns

Bone Health, Arthritis, Cervical Spondylosis, Constipation, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Migraine, Sciatica, Slip Disc



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  • Experience: 5 Years
  • Language : English | Hindi
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