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I am an Ayurveda practitioner in Nasik, India. I graduated with BAMS from Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Nasik and now part of Ayurved Clinics in Nasik area. 


"Holistic Health By Holistic Approach"

Ayurved as what we are seeing is not merely a science of medicine, but a complete health science. A commitment of "Health for All".

All of us live for three Eshanas (Eshanas - sanskrit means wills):

Life (Praneshna);

Wealth (Dhaneshna) (will for wealth)

Astral World (Parlokeshna) 

Our body is the tool through which we can achieve these.

Ayurved as stated 'Ayusha Veda' in sanskrit states: Everything, every knowledge about life.

The basic principles are based on six essential elements (Shad Padarthas):

  • Dravya, the thing through which properties - actions are executed 

  • Una-properties 

  • Karma - action

  • Samanya: synonyms 

  • Vishesh antonym in constitution, action and properties

  • Samavay means proper combination of all the proper recipes


समदोष:समाग्निच्श्र  समधातुमलक्रिय: प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमना: स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते॥

We at Pearls' Superspeciality Advanced Ayurveda Clinics have designed unique approach with ancient wisdom of analyzing disease state with Ashta Vidh & Dashvidh Pariksha, Srotas parikshan, along with use of Medical.astrology, Ashtanga Yoga. In addition, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle management is also kept in the program. 

We are committed to achieve the purpose of this harmony of health to every human and serve our mission - health for all "Sarva Santu Niramaya." We aim to help strengthen the body and not make any claims to cure the body.

Ayurved states that there are three main elements for proper functioning of the body:

Diet (Aahar)

Sleep (Sleep)

Sex Activity (Bramhacharya)

as the three main Upastambhas i.e stress relieving factors. 

If we use these three factors properly, the cause of disease and stress will be regulated and neutralized. In addition, another important factor that leads to disease is the unnecessary controlling or producing reflexes of the body called the 'Vegas' in Ayurveda. 

Our Strength :

We develop personalized treatment plans that are based on individual doshas, dhatavas, malas, prakriti parikshan (knowing individual type of constitution of body), vyadhi avastha (status of disease pathology). We then use the knowledge to prescribe not only classical medicines but modern medicine as well with true Integrative medicine approach.

Sarva Santu Nirmaya.


Ayurved is not merely science of medicine.


Our treatment aims at Great Sushrutas saying about sound health- swastha as Sam Dosha-Sam Agnihi-Sam Dhatu-Malah Kriya,

Prasanna  Atma- Indriya- Manah. Swastheti Abhidhyate.


Equilibrium equals to Harmony in acting forces of body, actions of body, harmony in assimilation and metabolism of cells equals harmony and healthy living of body & cell structures proper execution of toxic materials formed during metabolism through body. Happiness and calmness of soul, mind, all senses and fulfillment of their contentedness is combinedly called swasthe a sound health. This is what we aim to serve to mankind. Healthy body and mind and soul itself improves metabolism towards normal and diseases get cured or controlled to live a happy life.


The Pearl Superspeciality Advanced Ayurveda Clinics have designed formats for:


1. Patient's Disease History

2. Scientific Analysis

3. Management Plan

4. Day- today Living Plan (Dincharya)

5. Seasonal Living Plan (Ritucharya) on Customized Basis



Wasan Nagar, Pathardi Phata, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Health Concerns

Chronic Kidney Disease, Detox & Cleanse, Indigestion



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  • Experience: 15 Years
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