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Paul Krauss MA LPC I deeply feel that each and every human being has the capacity to change in a powerful way--regardless of their past, their situation, or present challenges. I'm naturally intrigued by your story and am passionate in my strategy to get you reach beyond your objectives, beyond your pain, and beyond what seems possible. The excellent thing about counselling, is that it's been scientifically proven to work over and over again. In reality, recent research in neurology has revealed positive changes in the brain during and post counselling. From helping high achievers overcome barriers to increase to helping individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction and other maladies to have a greater quality of life and even recover completely. Regardless of what's happening in your life, I have over a decade of clinical experience, along with the resources, skills and experience that will assist you to get the results you would like. I draw upon your own inner power, set goals with you, work with you to develop new skills, help you to eliminate barriers, and use highly specialized techniques that will help you get free of what's holding you back into the present and holding you down from yesteryear. I'm extremely conscientious and for that reason, if I didn't specialize in what you're dealing with, I will refer you to a trusted colleague instantly. I've always expanded my knowledge base since obtaining my Master's degree through independent study, appointment, and learning from some of the greats in the field of psychology, attending trainings and lectures from: Dr. Robert J. Meyers, Dr. Francine Shapiro, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. James Hillman, Dr. Scott Miller, Bill O' Hanlon, Jack Kornfield, Dr. Irvin Yalom, Dr. Erving Polster, Dr. David Burns, Dr. Aaron Beck, Dr. Donald Meichenbaum, Dr. Salvador Minuchin, Dr. Jeffery Kottler, Mike Speakman (Creator of PAL), and Kathleen Martin, LCSW, among others. Let us work together to accomplish your targets. I have a passion to empower each individual and household I meet. Backed by the empirical evidence of counselling, I am a fierce believer in the processes of growth, healing, and transformation. You may be certain that I am deeply invested in your journey and goals. Regardless of what your reason for starting the counselling process, I would like you to know that you're entering a nonjudgmental area, where you're free to express yourself without censorship or pity. I will supply you expert aid and help you fulfill your targets. I believe in collaboration and won't ever let you know exactly what to do or take a "top down" approach. Regardless of what you're going through, suffering from, or what you've endured, I will customize my approach to your nature and supply you with many alternatives. While I am proficient in counselling, psychology, and human relationships, you're the expert on you. You'll be working with someone who knows the neurobiology and physiology of mind in addition to the human condition. Whatever your challenges, I will join with you in your journey and use my over ten decades of experience and advanced training that will help you find answers.


Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

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Mental Health, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Mental Health And Behavior



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