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About If I could describe myself in one, general sentence I would say that I am a student of life, of nature and seeker of time-tested wisdoms. Since I was a little girl, I inherently knew that being healthy required an understanding of our connection to nature and to our deeper selves. My spiritual nature was meant to experience a tough way of growing up in a steel mill town in the 1960’s with hard working, middle class parents. The challenges presented regarding cultural patterning, cultural expectations, and less than ideal lifestyle choices were actually good for me. It certainly taught me that being healthy is not just about following a food list, taking supplements, or reciting positive affirmations. I had to first understand that there is no such thing as ‘pure’ or ‘perfect.’ I found that once we get away from those hard thoughts and move towards the idea of balance, love and acceptance, craving things which are healthy can have the chance to become part of our ever evolving nature. I’ve had a long go at exploring various parts of our physical, psychological, and spiritual nature–from teaching children, adolescents and adults in the private and public sectors to studying movement therapy, learning about the healing effects of herbs, and putting into practice a number of diagnostic healing modalities taught to me by some of the most dedicated teachers in each field on several continents. I’ve also spent years living on an ashram looking to immerse myself in the deepest of spirituality. Post ashram living, I’ve gone through great lengths to study one on one or in small groups with folks whom I thought would reflect and deepen what I have learned about human nature, consciousness, and healing on this road of life. I know through experience that healing modalities are experiential, i.e., you must be able to see and feel for yourself what effects these practices have on your life. It’s good to start slowly with varying degrees of consistency to see what works and how you can best connect. I have learned that only when we are able to make our practices a part of our lives is when healthy changes can be sustained as part of our continual growth as human beings. Being peaceful and content and ‘in the moment’ are states that reflect our truest and most healthy natures. Twenty years ago, I found that one of the best languages for expressing our natures and for how to attain balance is Ayurveda, the oldest healing modality in the world. What I love about Ayurveda is that it addresses individual natures and doesn’t deem any food or herb as good or bad. As it has been said, “One man’s poison is another man’s medicine.” It has also helped me tremendously in understanding and accepting my own individual nature. I work with clients as a guide, a coach, and a support in addition to giving advice on what foods and lifestyle choices may be the most balancing for them. I have been given the gift of insightfully relating to people from all walks of life who are on various paths with a number of issues. And I do so without judgement, utilizing my intuitive gift to assist those wanting to simply feel better and become more healthy. You can check out my testimonial page to see what some folks have said. In the pursuit of deepening my Ayurvedic studies, I have also worked to the level of Ayurvedic Health Practitioner at the California College of Ayurveda and have studied at The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico with the amazing Dr. Lad et. al. I have also experienced the profound healing effects of Ayurveda in India. I continue to study and to help people as I learn to accept where I am today– which may look like my enjoying a simple walk to a market or appreciating the scent of a flower growing alongside the road. I also love to travel and push the edges of my comfort zone. I generally practice in Florida where I see clients, conduct workshops, and teach yoga and yogic principles.

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