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Over the past 18 years Matt has worked in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Group Exercise Instructor and Health Club Manager in India, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. During this time, Matt has provided lifestyle and nutrition coaching to thousands of people from all over the globe. From Sports People and Body Builders, to people that just want to get in better shape and enjoy the benefits of improved health. Matt LOVE’S food and truly believes that food is one of life's great pleasures. His mission is to break the myth that healthy food has to be bland. As a child Matt was severely overweight. But on his 19th birthday, he decided to join a gym and get some nutrition advice. He soon lost all his excess weight and in 1999 started work as a Personal Trainer. He quickly realized that exercise is only 40% of the equation, so in 2003 Matt completed an Auckland University of Technology Course in Nutrition. Matt has competed in three Body Building Competitions, but unfortunately only came in 2nd in two. The experience, although gruelling, helped him better understand the human body and the effect the right foods have on our body. In 2004 he was selected as the Personal Trainer of the year in New Zealand and later that year, featured on several TV programmes.(Some examples below) In 2005 Matt was selected to be the official Personal Trainer and Nutritionist for the EAS Body For Life Program in New Zealand, making meal plans and training celebrities to promote the program and product. Matt believes that achieving optimum health is a mixture of science, psychology and basic math. Get the calculation right and it can unlock the secrets to achieving and maintaining the best you you can possibly be.

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Heart Health, High Cholesterol, Weight Problems



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