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I graduated with a Bachelor of Alternative Medicine in India, Since Homeopathy is an alternative scheme of medicine and l have a passionate inclination toward it, its uses and practice. I run a successful personal private practice in homeopathy since 2012 in a coastal town of India.

l am a passionate Homeopath and l like to help people get back the health balance they lost due to illness. I am always more than impressed by the amazing results it produces , what amazes me most about Homeopathy is that "It cures the person, not the disease.- To understand it in a better way we can say in simple words for example there may be different people all with the same diagnosed illness but depending on the life story of the person, the time they have had their disease their family history, their living environment, their food likes and dislikes,they will all need a different homeopathic remedy to initiate their balance back to good health because Homeopathy looks at the unique symptoms of that person for treatment irrespective of their health condition and diagnosis.


12, Waltair Main Road, Nehru Nagar, Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Health Concerns

Eye & Vision, Glaucoma, Women's Health and Pregnancy



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  • Experience: 6 Years
  • Language : English | Hindi | Telugu