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I have always been interested in the health field, and while in college I was pre-med, but by the end I found I really wanted to focus on a holistic area in the health field. I graduated from Wittenberg University with Bachelor's of Science in 2009 with the intent on becoming a Registered Dietitian. Plans didn't go exactly as expected, but I did start my own nutrition consulting business and did MUCH research on holistic healing.

Soon after, I gave birth to my son...and a year and a half later our family expanded again with the birth of my daughter. I was in full-time, non stop mommy mode for those early years there (still am but the kids have reached a more independent point now). My son was very very "high needs" and during those chaotic years, I was called to the beauty of flowers for soothing. I began photographing them and using their photos in jewelry pendants. It was a nice hobby and helped me keep my sanity...haha.

During those years, I searched high and low for everything and anything that could help my son. I have always been called to holistic forms of therapy and studied method after method rigorously for years. I learned everything I could about child development, the brain, neurodevelopment, and neurological disorders. I was/am a mommy on a mission and NOTHING would have stopped me from helping my son. Even if it meant studying into the early hours of the morning, day after day, month after month, year after year, as the rest of the family slept.

Finally, I found something that really resonated with me.....Bach Flower Essences. I knew this was it. This was right for us. I threw myself into learning EVERYTHING I could about them and every little nuance of each of the 38 essences. They have been LIFE CHANGING. I was just amazed, and as the very passionate person that I am, I couldn't just keep this little secret I had found all to myself. EVERYONE needs to know about this amazing system. SO, I decided to become a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner!!!

I am positive I have found my purpose. All those little businesses I formed and hobbies I was drawn to HAD PURPOSE....and lead up to this!!!!

I love Bach flower remedies. I have so many awesome experiences using Bach. I first found these remedies 16 yrs ago and have been using them to help my family, my friends and myself. 

Bach flower essences are INCREDIBLY helpful in many emotional/behavioral/mental aspects of diagnosable disorders commonly diagnosed in childhood. 

There are positive and negative emotions associated with all 38 of the Bach essences. When an appropriate Bach essence is taken, it will bring you back into balance in that particular state and will bring out the positive aspects of it. An example is the Bach essence, Holly. In the negative holly state you may be full of hatred toward another person. 


Warsaw, IN, USA

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Brain Health, ADHD/ADD, Mental Health And Behavior


Bach Flower Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Biofeedback Therapy

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