About me

To see people grow and develop is my passion! To witness those moments that create a change that connects us to a higher level of awareness!

From a very young age, I have been searching for ways to learn, grow, develop, understand, connect and rise to a higher level of consciousness.

I got interested in meditation and many other different methods and techniques. All I have learned has been helpful to heal different aspects of my life, connect with others, and understand myself. The knowledge combined with experience and making many mistakes has been the key to move forward.

With all this work I was able to look at myself and realize that I'm happy! I had been searching for happiness everywhere and I realized that I had it already. I just couldn't see it before.

There are many things that we know already and we have forgotten... we just need to remember.

I'm grateful to all my teachers, my guides and everyone that has been with me in this path; to be able to accept everything and everyone just as they are. I'm grateful to all my ancestors that have given me my life and the strength to be in the movement toward Life.

​Imagine living a happier and more meaningful life where you are able to accept yourself, the situations and everyone around you just as they are, without judgment or criticism. A life where you know how to take care of yourself and put your own limits without feeling guilty. A life where you are able to be grateful for every single detail of it. A life where you are able to respect and honor the past, present, and future. A life with love, health, abundance, and success.

​This life is possible! What are you waiting for?

Having studied and worked in multiple countries and cultures around the world including France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Guatemala, and the USA, has given me a unique perspective on human change and personal improvement.

Studies: BA in Business Administration, Masters Degrees in Coaching and Human Resources Management, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Master in Family & Systemic Constellations, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping), Channeling and Reiki.


San Jose, California, United States

Health Concerns

Mental Health, Depression, Stress


Energy Medicine

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  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Language : English | Spanish