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Leslie has been exploring movement her entire life. From ballet to boxing, her exploration brought her to yoga over 20 years ago. She had just embarked on a new career in closed captioning. Translation: sitting still for hours on end, thinking as fast as you can and writing on a steno machine at 250 words per minute in real-time with (theoretically) very little room for error. It’s a perfectionist’s dream job and pretty much the polar opposite of yoga, except for the real-time part. She began practicing yoga as a way to de-stress. She never imagined its impact or circuitous route to her next career. Other stress antidotes were massage and Thai massage. Ever inquisitive, she became certified in both, which enlivened her interest in anatomy, kinesiology and the mind/body/spirit connection. As an homage to her mother who died of breast cancer when Leslie was 26, she volunteered for 4 years with Heart Touch, giving massages in an AIDS hospice and assisting trainings for massage therapists. This experience touched her heart, as she learned that healing hearts transcends healing bodies and that being truly present is the greatest healer.

Health Concerns

Mental Health, Anxiety Disorders, Stress



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