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My mission is to reverse disease using stem cell medicine and functional medicine with custom lifestyle coaching and nutrition to build healthier lives. Hello, I’m Dr. John Roland and I want to change the face of medicine. I’ve seen how fractured health care has become. The treatments being delivered nowadays are treating only part of the problems that patients are experiencing. I’ve trained in Biochemistry, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Sports Medicine and my administrative success has led to numerous medical directorships at a number of hospitals, yet I’ve always felt there was always something missing. What was missing is that doctors aren’t addressing the true causes of disease. It seems that physicians are generally good at one thing: prescribing medication. The unhealthy lifestyles and the habits remained unaddressed, causing people to only get worse over time. Understanding biochemistry, the first rung of medical training, is the key here. The most important elements to health are those things that make individual cells healthy. Much like the Tree of Life in my logo, I want to get to the very root of your disease, to solve the issues from the ground up and give your health a solid foundation to grow on.

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Bone Health, Arthritis


Functional Medicine

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