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I worked for 18 years in Taihe Hospital, a county hospital in the east between Beijing and Shanghai. I went there straight from university, worked hard and reached the title of Deputy Chief Physician and was a medical director. Current Position: Main Practitioner in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) Yard Ltd.

01/04/2011 to 22/07/2015: Main Practitioner in The Chinese Clinic in Balham

01/05/2009 to 15/12/2010: Manager and Main Practitioner in The Chinese Medicine Centre in Salisbury

06/10/2005 to 30/03/2009: Main Practitioner in The Herbal Medic Ltd.

08/1987 to 08/2005: During this time period, Dr Zhou has managed to obtain numerous titles including the Deputy Chief Physician, Chief of Medical Services, Outpatient department Director as well as the Director of Medical Ward in The Chinese Medicine Hospital in Taihe City in China.

I also do traditional Chinese medicine: Moxibustion, burning the dried leaves of the moxa plant, a herb like mugwort; Hot Cupping therapy, where warm cups on the skin encourage local circulation; Tui Na massage, similar to sports physio; and Qigong therapy, which is healing hands following the meridian lines, plus I teach gentle exercise movements like Tai Chi.

During his free time, he gave lectures to the local medical school in Taihe City about 2 years before departing to the UK.

09/1982 to 07/1987: Studied in Anhui Univeristy of Chinese Medicine, Anhui Academy of Chinese Medicine studied Chinese Medicine speciality and was graduated and awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Medical.

We are a healthcare company located in west London which we focus on providing you the best quality of services such as Acupuncture, TCM Massage (Tuina) and Herbal Remedy, Cupping and Moxibustion, etc.


Kings Parade, 4 Askew Rd, London W12 9BA, United Kingdom

Health Concerns

Bone Health, Arthritis, Back Pain, Skin Diseases, Vitiligo


Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Massage Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine

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  • Experience: 25 Years
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