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Caroline Nutrition Coach Caroline Performance & Nutrition Coaching I have always been an athlete and love seeing what my body can do whether it’s playing rugby, whitewater rafting, or climbing the tallest mountain in Colorado, I want to be able to do it all! I first started CrossFit after college when I was living in Wisconsin (Go Badgers!) and it quickly became my new favorite workout regimen. Soon after, I moved from the Midwest to Colorado but my body couldn’t seem to keep up with the WODs and outdoor adventures. Feeling burnt out and not seeing the aesthetics I wanted, I knew something had to change. That’s when I started learning all I could about nutrition and finally started fueling my body instead of depriving it. What were you doing before you understood nutrition? I found my competitive athletic spirit playing rugby in high school and continued to play at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I pretty much ate (and drank) whatever I wanted during these years without seeing any real progress in my athleticism. After graduating, I found a new athletic outlet in CrossFit and made the leap to hardcore paleo meat eater. This was my first experience with eating a prescribed diet, but I couldn’t make the restriction work sustainably for me. Why’d you decide to become a coach? I decided I wanted a change in my life and took my fitness outside when I moved to Colorado to learn how to be a whitewater raft guide. At this time I was guiding all day and then attending and coaching CrossFit classes at 8,000 ft elevation. After trying various online challenges and diet templates along the way, feeling exhausted, and never truly feeling at the top of my game, I decided to get my nutrition coach certification and learn how to properly fuel my body. What do you love most about helping others reach their goals? With a variety of sports and outdoor experience, I know you need to fuel your body for whatever adventures life takes you on. I want to help you reach your adventure, fitness, and nutrition goals so you can keep improving and doing what you love for the rest of your life! As a nutrition coach, I have seen people start to love their body again, build self-confidence, and really take control of their health by implementing new habits and learning how to care for their body and mind. Your most memorable client success story? Working with Leah was an amazing experience. She is a very strong willed woman and we had to push through some major mental roadblocks to get her to her peak performance at the Granite Games. Leah, like many women, was under the impression that carbs are the root of all evil and you should focus on calorie restriction and working out as much as possible to see any physical progress. Fortunately, she trusted me and we slowly worked carbohydrate intake up to fuel her CrossFit performance. Leah’s commitment to her sport, consistency with her nutrition, and open communication with me as her coach set us up for success. Leah improved her WOD scores, competed in Granite Games 2018 Rx division, lost lbs and inches while on a reverse diet, and went through an amazing mental transformation in just three months. Some words from her, personally: “I worked with Coach Caroline for 12 weeks in preparation for a CrossFit Competition. I was curious if having accountability and adjustable, personalized coaching could give me the edge I had been missing in my five years of competing. I was worried that fitness and nutrition would take over my life, but Caroline worked with my goals, my fears, and my realities. I have pictures that show my physical transformation, but I wish I could take pictures of the mental gains I made. I faced my fear of carbs, fear of eating too much, and gained freedom from a distorted body image. Caroline fine-tuned my macros, and had me eating more than I was used to. My workouts felt better and I got way more “cut” than my expectations. The accountability, specificity, and knowledge Caroline provided is worth every penny. I did not know I had the capability to change my fitness and nutrition, but her coaching empowered me to reach my goals while living my desired lifestyle. I cannot wait to crush the competition we prepared for and continue on my lifelong pursuit of health.”

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