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Dr Vitalis Skiauteris Dr Vitalis acquired his skills through extensive training in various medical fields. He is one of the very few European practitioners, who mastered the Chinese language to be able to access a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Dr Vitalis passion is caring for patients with reproductive health problems, pain, stress/anxiety, depression and complicated health issues. Roberta Mek Roberta is the only acupuncturist in NZ holding the title of Fellow of American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She completed her Master’s degree at Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine. Currently, Roberta works on a study involving acupuncture in advanced maternal age patients/poor IVF responders. Roberta is a recipient of Ngaire Walsh award (Natural Infertility New Zealand). As a Natural Infertility New Zealand accredited Infertility educator she runs Infertility workshops for women trying to conceive. Roberta is a full practising member of Acupuncture NZ (formerly NZRA) and ACC provider.

Health Concerns

Mental Health, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Infertility, Insomnia, Stress



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  • Experience: 5 Years
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