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Dr. Uday works in Pain Management has been recognized all over India. At Arogyadham, his clinic in Thane, he felt the need of instant pain management since 1993. We had been working on Panchkarma and Ayurvedic medicines till 1993. From 1998, we started using Vedhan Karma and Agni Karma extensively to control musculoskeletal pain disorders. By combined RF generated heat of 400 Hz and using needles, we have successfully done over 30,000 success cases of pain management. Vidhagani a combination of Vedhan and Agnikarma fusion of traditional Ayurveda and modern technology is developed along with its devices. We have trained more than 500 doctors with this technology. AYUSH, NHM doctors servicing in Public Health systems have been trained by Dr. Kulkarni at different regional centers of Pune, Nasik, and other prestigious institutions. He has been imparting knowledge of instant pain management to different Ayurveda colleges as well. He has been invited by AYUSH Maharashtra and been a panelist in AYUSH Maharashtra committee. Currently, Dr. Kulkarni is President of Association of Ayurveda hospitals and member of various Ayurveda organizations. He started giving Panchkarma Management Training courses for doctors in 1998. He started Ayurvarta Ayurved magazine for users to help them understand about Ayurveda. He has developed 50 Standard Operating Procedures for Panchakarma therapies. In 2010, he launched the first 15 bed Aarogyadham hospital in Thane, In 2012, he developed IPD protocol for 25 diseases based on Ayurveda Science Dietetics and Yoga. He has developed 50 + products based on evidence based research on Asthma, Arthritis, In 2015, he developed Viddhagnai – a pain management technique fusion of traditional knowledge and modern technology. Dr. Uday & Dr. Madhura Kulkarni conceived a novel concept of first residential Ayurveda Panchkarma center in Thane called “Arogyadham” that offers treatments for chronic conditions.


2 Sahayog Soc Tikujini Wadi Road, Manpada, Thane 400610

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Joint & Mobility, Chronic Foot And Ankle Pain, Chronic Pain, Hip pain, Joint Pain



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  • Experience: 25 Years
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