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Nefryle "Nefai" Dela Serna is a Registered Teacher by Profession yet working as Project Site Manager in a Construction Firm specializing fabric tensile technology. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor from Veda Yoga Teacher Training (Australia), Taichi enthusiast, fantastic vegan baker & cook, Environmental Advocate, aspiring Entrepreneur, Health and Wellness Coach, a wonder wife and a hands-on mom of JD. Nefai had been practicing Yoga lifestyle since she was still in college in 2004. The mind-blowing philosophy attracted her to dig more about the depth of its science to answer the curiosity about the reality of temporary existence in this world. From tragic childhood history of poor health due to complications of being a premature birth and her everyday battle for extending her life, she was so intrigued about the logic of "Life after death". Yoga helped her to heal, transform, and live well. Since then, she embraced a Yogic extremist diet and a spiritual discipline, Bhakti Yoga (Loving devotion for God ). Her expertise is structuring her asana classes to cater very active individuals and health buffs. She infuse the commonality of different physical exercises to fit into Yoga asanas creating it as a complete workout regime. She integrates mantra meditation into her classes because she whole-hardheartedly believes the healing power of the sound vibrations to the overall holistic health and spiritual growth. With 10 years experience in the Health & Wellness industry, with professional & personal training, Nefai encourages everyone to adhere a healthy Yoga lifestyle to achieve optimum health so they can attain longevity with their loved ones and be productive in every aspect of their lives. As she upgraded her craft, she is so passionate to reach out those serious individuals who seek an alternative ways of boosting their physical health as a preventive measures before escalating to chronic stage. She developed NDS health hacks as a practical, easy and doable health online and offline coaching and empowerment platforms hoping to assists and guide anyone so they can experience a life full of joy, meaningful, and peaceful existence.


Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

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