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Driven by his passion for mind/body peak performance, Dr. Mancini strives to achieve excellence for his patients. As a doctor of Oriental medicine, he assists his patients with a variety of health issues including acute and chronic pain, healthy weight loss, and the impact of all forms of stress and strain on the body. He received his Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) from South Baylo University. As a graduate of the first professional California approved Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Mancini practices with the highest standards of Oriental medicine making a complete integration into the present health care system. Using evidence-based treatment guidelines in standard scientific and medical terminology, he is able to communicate and integrate with the medical community. As a primary care doctor, Dr. Mancini is trained to determine when referrals are necessary. The inclusion of the O.M.D. in the medical system will support the shift of patient care from a linear ‘traditional approach’ to an integrative, multi-modality, evidence-based approach. Dr. Mancini has equivalent proficiencies in practicing medicine at the highest standard alongside mainstream medicine, and he is able to explain to the medical community all physiological concepts of Oriental medicine including how needling therapy works. Dr. Mancini has competed at national and international levels in full contact Kung fu style fighting which required him to be in peak physical, mental and emotional shape. His knowledge of mind/body peak performance comes from his personal training program that has earned him national and international gold medals. He holds a 3rd degree black belt in the Taoist internal martial arts of Hsing I, Pa Kua and Tai Chi, and a 2nd degree black belt in Shaolin Kung fu. He also has trained extensively in Muay Thai boxing and western boxing. He trains his body and mind daily not only to strengthen himself, but to help arm his patients with knowledge and power to improve their lives and the lives of their family and friends. Dr. Mancini is truly passionate about Oriental medicine, nutrition, athletic and psychological performance. He offers something that is unparalleled. His primary goal is not to treat sickness or disease but rather improve the quality of health and life of his patients. His focus as a primary health care provider is to emphasize education in the areas of psychology, exercise, diet and lifestyle. With this intention, his patients become empowered in their own health and well being. In addition, he works closely with other medical practitioners to create a more integrated approach for each patient. Our wellness center associates are always here to help. Our patients are the number one priority, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your visits.

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Mental Health, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Stress



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