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Since 1998, I ,Professor Marcelo Sartório has been associating the immortal precepts of ancient Chinese medicine with more modern and equally holistic concepts such as naturopathy, chiropractic and Chinese diet therapy. The focus of my work is, and always will be, the individual and not his illnesses, a well-known concept of Eastern therapists.

Currently, I have been involved in developing care and research in the area of ​​reflexology acupuncture (new Yamamoto craniopuncture) and aesthetic acupuncture. It improves the individual and his appearance through a strong revitalization of the whole organism, releasing its natural potential, longevity with quality and beauty.

For the past ten years, 50% of my daily practice involves cosmetic acupuncture. This technique is amazing for the effects it delivers without all the risks and inconveniences of plastic surgery. It is painless, quick and very relaxing. Facial rejuvenation, lift, wrinkle reduction, lip enhancement, double chin, acne and stretch marks, reduction of persistent fat: these are all treatable with a combination of needling and Dermapen with impressive results. In addition,nutrition, herbology and lifestyle coaching can be part of the treatment for even better  results!

I have over 20 years of experience and have been educated  in traditional Chinese medicine and postgraduate in the International acupuncture training center Beijing China.   

Recently, I moved my practice in Ibiza, Spain where I do the general clinic for type of health problems, chronic and acute pain, respiratory issues, weight loss, detox, migraine, spine, facial paralysis and insomnia. We speak Portuguese and fluent English in our clinic.


SEPS Q 705/905 Bloco C Psicóloga Mara Vieira - Asa Sul, Brasilia - Federal District, Brazil

Health Concerns

Weight Loss, Weight Problems


Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine

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  • Experience: 20 Years
  • Language : English | Portuguese | Spanish
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