About me

As a passionate yoga instructor centered on holistic health and food sustainability, my goal of becoming a dietitian aligns with the idea of treating the whole person. This passion is what sparked my interest in the field of nutrition and dietetics where food is used as a source of medicine and ultimately can treat multiple ailments where a patient is being treated as a whole person rather than just treating the symptoms. This is what drove my passion into becoming a dietitian. 

I started my college education at Stetson University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in public health. During my time there, I interned at the local Boys and Girls Club, where I helped children learn about health and nutrition. I also interned with Florida Hospital’s Community Care Program where I worked alongside a team of health professionals assisting an at-risk patient to manage complex health issues. It was during both of my internships where I came to believe that poor nutrition contributes to many health problems among individuals and realized I want to pursue education and certification in nutrition and dietetics.

I then went to continue my education at the University of North Florida where I graduated in May of 2019. At UNF, I have volunteered with the Ogier Gardens and at a local country club’s fitness program while also having worked at Mayo Clinic as a diet clerk. I have volunteered with the St. Vincent’s bariatric dietitian and also have worked as a yoga instructor. These experiences have exposed to many fields of dietetics as well as working within the community in Jacksonville, FL.

I have recently completed my 1200 hours of supervised dietetics practice through the University of Delaware in May of 2020. This dietetic internship program allowed me to experience different individuals, disease states, types of practice, and counseling techniques. During my internship I traveled throughout Florida and Georgia leading me back to my hometown in Palm Coast, FL and bringing me to new places in Atlanta, GA. Not only did my internship enhance my knowledge in the dietetic practice, but it prepared me for a successful career in nutrition and dietetics. 

Since completing my internship, I have successfully passed my dietetics registry exam. I am currently teaching yoga and applying for jobs in the clinical field as a dietitian. 

One of my goals as a dietitian is to educate individuals on the importance of a whole food plant-based and sustainable diet. Another goal of mine as a dietitian is to work within school systems to implement farm to table school lunch initiatives. These factors are important in my personal life and I incorporate these philosophies through gardening, cooking, and yoga. In my practice as a  dietitian, I plan to incorporate my yoga teaching, my nutrition education, and personal passions into my practice to assist other individuals live their healthiest life.  


Professional goals​

  • - In the next 5 years, I intend to receive my 500-hour yoga teacher training.

  • - By the next 5 years, I will be a mentor to young nutrition and dietetic students.

  • - Within the next 5 years, I plan to develop a mindful eating program to incorporate my passion for nutrition and yoga.


Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Health Concerns

Weight Loss, Weight Problems


Nutrition, Diet Therapy

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  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Language : English