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As a certified yoga therapist and meditation teacher, I help busy people learn how to actually meditate and benefit from it.

Beyond Youtube and apps, we each need a teacher at some point to help us properly navigate the process of calming the mind and all that it entails.

I’m that teacher, available and actively supporting my students.

My work is based on yogic tools and skills as well as brain science and I aim to support you in managing stress, improving sleep, enhancing concentration and compassion.

I have a degree in Psychology, I love swimming, cooking, volunteering and world travel.

I worked for a decade in the Bay Area teaching yoga and meditation at hospitals, corporations, tech start-ups and studios. I was happily teamed up with an M.D. at an integrative medical clinic where I worked with patients under health insurance and led the mind/body program.

I also loved leading group meditation class at the Brain Injury Network of Marin for 3 years.

I’ve moved to Colorado, and I look forward to serving patients and clients, and supporting their healing and transformation.

Steadying the mind is possible. We’re so often controlled by what our minds are doing — either in reactive mode or on auto-pilot.

Unless we actually know how to get out in front of that, it’s a constant source of struggle or dissatisfaction.

Becoming a master at working with your mind is possible through the process of meditation.

Following time-honored wisdom and scientifically proven methods, I teach a systematic way to take your stressed and worried mind to a STILL mind.

When the mind is in a state of meditation, it is like a deep mountain lake, clear still and calm.

We see a reflection of an endlessly peaceful and deep part of ourselves.

At other times we’re tossed around by the ripples and currents of thoughts, clouding the view of ourselves.

To be in skillful stillness, while being busy, holds a value and enjoyment beyond words.


Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

Health Concerns

Mental Health, Anxiety Disorders, Stress


Meditation, Yoga

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