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To this day Lahila counsels people in her successful private practice for over 25 years around the world. Lahila also has a background in music and earned 2 Gold and 1 Platinum Album as a vocalist and composer in Europe. She currently works as a sound-healer conducting private one-on-one sound-healing sessions, workshops, and Healing Sound-Baths for larger venue

With great love, compassion and dedication, Lahila seeks to help heal, uplift and transform those around her who desire personal transformation and well-being. Lahila teaches Kundalini Yoga to individuals (one on one) and groups from all walks of life. Her positive motivational signature teaching style is very healing, encouraging, and empowering. Based on yoga student observation over the years Lahila believes that through regular application of “prana” life force (breath work), “energy” (physical exercises), “mudras” (energy seals), and “mantras” (sound currents) - anybody’s consciousness expands and therefore great balance, healing, and eventually a positive happy fulfilled life is achieved

Lahila also works for 2 UCLA hospitals in the ER, Oncology, and ICU providing emotional/spiritual patient-care. Additionally she works for UCLA NODA (Nobody Dies Alone), assisting individuals in their end-of-life transitioning process. Lahila also facilitates sound-healing at various rehab facilities.


Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Certification - Teacher Training

Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Certification - Authentic Relationships

Over 500 Hours Of Yoga Class


Los Angeles, California, United States

Health Concerns




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  • Experience: 25 Years
  • Language : English
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