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I discovered Naturopathic Medicine after truly realising the importance of diet and its effect on health and mood. What attracted me to Naturopathic Medicine is that it treats the whole person and the cause, not the symptoms, which is why so many of us don’t feel better. This is a more natural and appealing way to help people be well and healthy in today’s hectic world. I trained as a Naturopathic Medicine Physician, as a mature student, at the University of Westminster, after previously studying History of Art at the University of Edinburgh. The Batchelor of Science (Complementary Medicine: Naturopathic Medicine) degree course involves being fully trained in health science as well as the large range of therapies. This was all used with 'hands on' training in a clinic where I treated people from the general public before graduating. I am passionate about what I do and have been amazed at the power of the therapies I use. After completing the London Marathon in 2012, I was able to walk pain free the next day because I used a hydrotherapy technique to improve muscle recovery. I specialise in the family, keeping mother and baby healthy and happy from pregnancy through to birth and beyond. I do this through a combination of my Naturopathic Medicine training as well as pregnancy and post-natal reflexology and baby reflexology. I also teach baby massage which is a wonderful way to include the father especially in those early days when the baby is more dependent on the mother. I am interested in all health conditions, from chronic illness to advice on diet and lifestyle. Helping you to look after you and yourself in the best possible way is my main and most important goal.

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Hormone Health, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Naturopathic Medicine

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