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Kathleen is a Licensed Acupuncturist with over 38 years experience in Marin County for Acupuncture, Post-Natal; Mother Care and Immune System Recovery.


 Her first exposure to Acupuncture was at the age of 14 when she saw it demonstrated on educational TV. Her intuition that Acupuncture would become her profession became a reality in 1976 when she met Wai Sang, an acupuncturist and herbalist .


She began a classical tutorial with him in Hong Kong.  She eventually established a free clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal. This clinic was sponsored by Mana Bajra, a Buddhist priest and Ayurveda doctor.


In 1980, she earned a license from Professor Worsley in Leamington Spa, Oxford, England and came to California for U.S. licensing.  She practiced for 18 years within a Buddhist spiritual community in Northern California and in private practice in Marin county.


Her passion for acupuncture, wisdom teachings, and holistic health is the service she offers you.  She comes with a natural sensitivity to the healing arts and a deep joy in sharing it.  

Her Focus:

Deep relaxation awareness to restore and enhance constitution

and vitality; Based on rich Classical Acupuncture training in UK with Professor Worsley, a Taoist Master;


Tutorship: Liu Wai Sang; Kathmandu, Nepal, Hong Kong 1976-1980

Pain Management: Dr. Tan's therapeutic measures; traditional

techniques; spontaneous intelligence of the body's requirements,

Current focus: Reduce Overwhelm/ Cultural and Nervous Stress ; Comprehensive Care; Constitutional Support and System Imbalances; HARMONIOUS outcome; emotional balancing.

 About Acupuncture:uncture

Imagine the gift of treating levels of your body that touch your whole being.

 Acupuncture activates the body’s enormous capacity to heal itself:

 whether you’re suffering from aches, pains and stresses of ordinary living,

​nervous system overstimulation, (on the computer too long, working too much), or

chronic pain from previous injuries, or complex symptoms of aging, or

hard to diagnose diseases (Chronic Fatigue, Lymes, etc), or emotional stresses (anger, fear, grief...)


All symptoms are tempered through treating the whole body-mind system

("holistic medicine").


 Acupuncture can put you in touch with the body's reservoir (or reserves) of Chi (energy). Health, pain, physical and emotional conditions deplete's  this part of the human equipment, and contracts your Chi. With acupuncture, these reserves of Chi can be restored.


Gift yourself the quiet calm touch of acupuncture.

Open yourself  and allow acupuncture

to open the doors

to more Light, more Chi, more Life, more Love.


Kathleen provides you with a safe professional and compassionate environment to naturally rejuvenate and restore your body back to optimal health.


Kathleen utilizes her 35 years of experience & expertise to find and release blockages, and stimulate the natural healing abilities within your body, to restore the free flow of energy which alleviates pain.




Fairfax, California, United States

Health Concerns

Cancer Care, Fibromyalgia



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