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I am a spunky, fun-loving, heart-centered person who loves connecting with other people in meaningful ways. My own path of healing and wellness in this life has led me down many roads of spiritual exploration and adventure, including yoga, meditation, breathwork, 12-step spirituality, energy work, EMT, pleasure research, Integrated Movement Therapy, Yoga, reiki, Thai yoga techniques, mantra, gratitude philosophy and more. As an avid traveler, I started my meditation practice while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia in the early 1990’s. Upon my return to the United States, I began practicing yoga asana as a way to cope with the re-integration challenges I was experiencing. I’ve been hooked on the 8-limbed path of yoga ever since. After many years of practice, I became a yoga instructor in 2012 to share what I loved so much with others. I’m a seeker and adventurer at heart. Drawing on my 30+ years of personal development and exploration I bring a rich tapestry of techniques and practices to all I do, especially in yoga and my work with clients and students. I have a strong focus on the breath as a gateway to a deeper and more expansive experience with our bodies and our lives. I believe in open hearts and open minds and invite students to have a sense of curiosity and wonder in their practice. Along my journey I was fortunate to discover the concept of gratitude. I quickly saw how transformative a practice of gratitude could be and I began a dedicated gratitude practice that continues to this day. I have been tremendously influenced by gratitude as a spiritual practice and a practical habit and it permeates virtually every aspect of my life and my work. As Alexis de Tocqueville stated: “Gratitude is a habit of the heart”. So it has been for me. It is my belief that anyone can do yoga, and as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist I work with students to find the right yoga practices for them at any given point in time.

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