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Karen Graham is a Scottsdale based registered Diet Therapy nutritionist and has been in the ?eld of food/nutrition for over 15 years. She has been in private practice since 2007. Karen is a Functional Medicine Diet Therapy specializing in GI disorders and diseases related to the gut microbiome. Her consultations includes the assessment, intervention and treatment of chronic illness or disease using nutrition. Karen will guide you in preventing, controlling or reversing your medical condition in a natural way. She takes an integrative approach to nutrition by combining cutting-edge medical nutrition therapies along with traditional, time-proven natural methods. During a consultation, Karen investigates many aspects of a person’s lifestyle in addition to diet, including sleep patterns, daily schedule, job, medications/supplements, medical records & physical activity.


Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Health Concerns

Heart Health, High Cholesterol, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Migraine, Ulcerative Colitis, Weight Problems


Nutrition, Diet Therapy

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  • Experience: 16 Years
  • Language : English
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