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Hi! I’m Liz, I love great food, and as a registered nutritionist I’m fascinated by the impact of what we eat and drink has on our health and wellbeing. Did you know that what you eat not only affects your body shape but it also influences your energy levels, sleep quality, mood, concentration, digestion and many other health complaints? For me the foundation of good nutrition and health is based on eating real foods. However, with busy lifestyles and so much conflicting dietary advice out there, this can be a lot harder than it sounds. I founded The Well Nourished Club to help cut through the confusion and support people like you to change their diet, improve their nutrition and achieve their goals. Our body is our most precious possession so let's look after it. Qualifications Continuing to improve my knowledge and expertise is important to me. I am registered with the Association for Nutrition and I am currently completing a certification to become a registered Functional Medicine Practitioner with the Institute for Functional Medicine. I hold a BSc in Applied Biology from The University of Leeds and an MSc with distinction in Applied Human Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University.

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  • Experience: 5 Years