About me

I’m inspired by the deeper levels and layers of the human being; the emotions, sensations and feelings going on beneath the surface. I believe that these deeper aspects of people is what drives their daily habits, routines and behaviors. I’ve spent many years diving into the depths of my own being and I draw on that depth and experience to create Paintings for the Soul. Paintings for the Soul are more than just beautiful pieces of abstract art. They’re multilayered paintings energized with an intention to heal and grow. Just as you’re multi-layered, so are these paintings. Each painting couples with a poem that speaks to the theme of the painting. Some theme examples are; self-expression, self-love, abundance and connection with something greater. As I paint I take pictures of these layers and provide these pictures to you, along with a copy of the poem, when purchased. I’ve enjoyed hearing many touching stories about how these paintings and poems have impacted the buyer. Now it’s your turn! Check out paintings for the soul. Do any of the paintings and poems speak to your heart? These paintings make great gifts for loved ones and you can even get a soul painting for your pet! Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or to inquire about your own soul painting. ?? A % of all sales goes to supporting children with special needs. ??

Health Concerns

Mental Health, Anxiety Disorders



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  • Experience: 5 Years
  • Language : English