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Brenton Harvey, Dipl. Acupuncture & Dipl. Chinese Herbology, is a nationally licensed acupuncturist and licensed herbalist (in private practice since 1998) with extensive extracurricular training in China, as well as applied experience in Shanghai, China between 2004 – 2015. He has published work in ‘Acupuncture Today’ regarding 'The Way of Tea', and has been a guest lecturer at various TCM conferences and colleges.

Brenton's journey into TCM began almost 30 years ago as a teenager, when he discovered that the different Asian teas he was drinking had differing effects upon his body and mood.  Soon afterward, he had an experience that would seal his fate as a TCM practitioner.  Along with his father and brothers, Brent suffered from a hereditary lumbar disorder, for which his siblings had received surgery as well as powerful medications (with powerful side effects).  Brent decided to take another route, however, seeking out an acupuncturist, who was able to completely cure the problem without surgery or medication.  From that point forward, Brent was enthralled with TCM and began an apprenticeship with a Chinese herbalist, who introduced him to natural methods for increasing energy, calming the nervous system, removing blood fat, keeping the kidneys and heart clean, and regulating the blood pressure and digestive system.  Later, Brent embarked upon a formal Chinese Medicine education at the Texas College of T.C.M. in Austin, Texas, where he earned a master's degree in TCM.  Since that time, Brent has operated a well-known acupuncture and TCM clinic in Denver, Colorado and now in Shanghai, China.  Brent has also held the post of instructor of TCM at universities on both continents, and has lectured widely at universities and institutions across the U.S., including:

The Colorado University of Health Sciences, School of Nursing, Denver, CO, USA

Colorado Free University, Denver, CO, USA

The Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Austin, TX, USA

Academy of Oriental Medicine, Austin, TX, USA

The California State Oriental Medicine Assoc., Sacramento, CA, USA

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA, USA

Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Alliance, Gigg Harbor, WA, USA

The American Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Assoc., Washington, D.C., USA

The American Diabetes Assoc., Denver, CO, USA

The American Naturopathic Medical Assoc., Las Vegas, NV, USA

The American Herbalist Guild, Canton, GA, USA

The Colorado Acupuncture Assoc., Denver, CO, USA

Brent is also a widely published author on the uses of teas, herbs and acupuncture, and his credentials are nationally recognized:

Colorado Licensed Acupuncturist

Master of Science, Oriental Medicine, USA

Diplomate, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM)

Internship, Heilongjiang College of T.C.M., Harbin, China

Instructor, International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Denver, CO, USA

Owner of Acupuncture & Herbal Health Clinic, Denver, CO, USA

Co-Owner, Chinese Tea Imports, Ltd., Denver, CO, USA


Denver, Colorado, United States

Health Concerns

Joint & Mobility, Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Upper Back Pain


Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine

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