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I am an Acupuncture specialist M.D Ac.,M.Ac,S.I.Jaipur, M.I.C.C.M.Delhi and  M.I.C.Ac. from Beijing. Basically an Ayurvedic Physician Awarded Graduation Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. In 1981 Post Graduation Degree in Clinical Psychology from Gurukul Kangri University Haridwar.U.K.In 1985 Post Graduation Degree in Acupuncture Therapy M.D.Acupuncture.Practicing Acupuncture for the last 30 Years with Success.On the occasion of 1st International Congress of Alternative Medicines held on World AIDS day 1st Dec.,1993 at Park Hotel Calcutta,was awarded Gold Medal in recognition of his dedicated services in the field of Psychotherapy & Acupuncture by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.Gold Medal to Dr.B.S.Taneja was awarded by Mrs.Renuka Chowdhary Honorable Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Govt. of India New Delhi,on the eve of 2nd World Congress of Complementary Healing Systems Jan16th to18th in 1998.I.M.A.hall.I .P. Estate,New Delhi,India


Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Health Concerns

Joint & Mobility, Sciatica



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  • Experience: 40 Years
  • Language : English | Hindi