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A quick look at many fictional stories, especially those centered around a main character, will highlight a hero and a villain. While my story is certainly not fictional, and I am by no means a hero (other than to my two wonderful dogs), I have found myself amongst one of the biggest fights that mankind will ever face. Food. This may seem overstated, but I assure you it is reality. And while there are many facets which I will share with you that have lead me to my current passion of nutrition, one thing that I am hold dear and claim as my mission is that “Optimal Health is a Choice”. When you are growing up, you don’t take time to realize the importance of your surroundings and how they will ultimately shape your view of the world. It is only until you are removed from it that you most truly appreciate what it provided. This exemplifies my story. I was raised in North Carolina in a small town. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather all lived and farmed in the same area. Farming was life. It was how my forefathers had made their living. The connection to the land, growing our own crops and food and raising livestock was part of the genome. While not truly a genetic trait, the love of this lifestyle was bred into me without me knowing it.

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Hormone Health, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Functional Medicine

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