About me

 I continue to study  Alternative Medicine although I hold a Bachelors degree in Holistic Medicine and a Master Herbalist Diploma. I also hold diplomas in many modalities of Alternatives Medicines - Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Live Blood Analysis, Energy Medicine, Bioresonance, Detoxification,  and Toxicology etc.  My approach to health is holistic and I appreciate having a complete medical history of a patient before proceeding to diagnosis and make recommendations. 


Port-of-Spain, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Health Concerns

Gut Health, Acidity, Stroke, Thyroid Health


Holistic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine

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  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Language : English
Wellness Plans Details
  • Audio Consultations : 4 Duration: 15 Minutes
  • Text Consultation : 30 Duration : 15 Minutes
How it works

Holistic health is not achieved in a few days.  Time is crucial in reversing disease, strengthening the body and organs, detoxification of all harmful substances and microbes etc,  developing spirituality,  identifying and removing stressors, and finding one's true potential.  3-6 months is a good period to identify and work to eliminate all offending foods, substances, microbes, heavy metals etc. from your body.  This will depend on the state of your body and the degree of progress chronic diseases have made in your systems.    Since the Holistic method of evaluating and treating health issues involves the whole person, time is necessary to evaluate and correct the physical, mental, social, spiritual, environmental and psychological aspects of a human constitution.   The program given will be a personalized plan which will enable you to change all the things affecting or causing health issues.   For instance, in many cases, it may be a toxic relationship that is causing palpitation and heart problems because living with negative emotions is not healthy for the body and its organs  (Whitehall II study 1985).


Alternative/Holistic Health Support

Harness the Healing Power of Nature within you with Natural Medicines.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO 1948).

Your body has many needs especially when it is diseased. Many times it has multiple problems which require a number of treatment protocols to enable it to recover. This is because it has a combination of physical, mental, psychological, spiritual, environmental and social factors contributing to ill-health.

The Holistic approach to health and healing exposes you to a variety of treatment modalities that are suitable for your medical issues. These treatment modalities may include Herbal, Naturopathic, Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathic, Detoxification, Meditation, Biochemic remedies, and Lifestyle changes that are suitable for achieving Holistic health.

Each client is different and has different needs besides the fact that the ability to heal differs from patient to patient. However, nature's healing power is harness by the use of the most appropriate medicine.

This program aims at treating the whole person by detecting and eliminating as many imbalances and deficiencies possible. Detoxification is important in the healing process as it clears all toxins, microbes, heavy metals, fungi, bacteria etc. from your system. This cleaning allows nature and natural medicine to produce healing.

The CAUSE of disease is important to detect and eliminate.

What I need from you.

Scanned copies of all recent medical/laboratory reports.

Any alternative diagnostic reports available, like Electro-acupuncture, HRV, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Live Blood Analysis etc.

A completed Medical History form.

Declaration of all pharmaceutical and natural medicine being consumed

What you will receive.

Four  (4) 30 minutes consultation sessions within a six (6) months period.

A PDF report individualized for your needs, possibly 5+ pages long.

Email follow-up for the exchange of document and treatment plans etc. as necessary.

The most effective natural medicine, diet and lifestyle recommendations to suit you.

A suitable detoxification program with respect to your health needs.

Monthly review of progress being made.

Address any complication experienced.

The 4 sessions must be utilized wisely. Possibly the firs month you will need 1 consultation and thereafter 1 consultation a month as necessary. This will enable you to properly utilize the 6 months period.

During the 12 months period,  you will learn about various topics

The necessity for detoxification

Understanding your medical condition

Which treatment choice is good for you and why

Good food choices for your health issues

Dealing with stressors – people and environment

Meditation techniques

Anything you wish to discuss

This Treatment Program costs 450USD

Alternative/Holistic Medicine is used by approximately 80% of the world's population (WHO).

It provides non-invasive, safe and effective methods of diagnosis and treatments

when delivered by a qualified health practitioner.


1) Why do I need to send scanned medical/laboratory reports?

This is necessary to properly evaluate your health condition and to be informed as to the right natural remedies to use.

2) What is the purpose of filling out a medical history form?

This form provides a wealth of information which helps in understanding you and your medical condition and is useful in preparing an appropriate treatment plan.

3) Why is any alternative diagnosis report like Electro-acupuncture necessary?

Since I am specialized in Alternative/Holistic medicine, I do use diagnostic tools like these in my practice. I find them very useful in energy/functional medicine. They reveal a lot of what conventional medicine does not.

4) Why do you need to know what pharmaceuticals and natural medicines I consume?

Certain drugs and herbal medicines interact badly and further complicates the patient existing medical condition. Even some herb interact with other herbs negatively. This is necessary to know so the patient will not be recommended medicines which will adversely affect the current treatment program.

5) After the first consultation, when do I receive my report?

After the first consultation, you will scan and email your medical/laboratory reports and in 2 days times, you will receive a PDF document personalized for your health situation. This can be 5 pages long or more, as necessary.

6) If I use all of my 4 consultations session before the 6 months period, will I continue to get consultations until the 6 months is over?

NO. You will be required to pay an addition of 50USD for any further consultation of 30min each This will be followed up by emails as necessary.

7) How are these consultation sessions conducted?

Each session is 30mins in duration and is conducted on NourishDoc platform where you have the options of audio, video or text consultation.

8) What happens to the unused/expired consultation sessions?

If 48hr notice is given to cancel and re-schedule a session, then the session is not lost. If no notice is given for cancellation and re-scheduling then the session will be considered used. Clients must take their appointments seriously to protect their interest. Rescheduling is possible but will be done according to available time.

9) If I need prolong therapy and follow-up, will I get a discount?

Yes. If you have a serious chronic condition that requires a longer term of treatment and follow-up by a professional, you are entitled to a discounted package for an extended term.

10) Will I be cured after this program?

Healing will depend on how well you follow instructions with respect to your diet, exercise, mindfulness, taking medicines on time, how well you detox your systems and address stressors. There are considerable benefits to reap when the recommendations are implemented.

Disclaimer: This program is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. The information provided is for educational purposes only and has not been approved by the FDA or other health authorities.  It is not a substitute for advice from your medical or other licensed professional. You are solely responsible for any health program you embark upon.  Please consult with your healthcare service provider before implementing any of the information provided.