About me

Prof. Sir Dr. P. B. Lohiya (founder chairman) 

Expertise - Allopathy & Acupuncture.

Qualifications -

M.D.,F.R.C.P.,  D.I.C, M.I.L.A, M.Ac.F. (Srilanka)

M.B.B.S., M.C.G.P., F.I.A.Ac.S. (India)

M.I.A.S., (Hongkong), M.A.F.S. (Scandinavia)

D.M.I.C.Ac. (Switzerland), F.K.Ac.A.(Korea) M.C.Ac.A(U.K.),

P.G.A.C. (Australia) Doctor of Science (MedicinaAlternativa)

Ph.D. (Spain), China Trained.

Institutions -

Chairman, Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science.

Vice chairman, World Association of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China.

Visiting Professor, Beijing Meridian Research centre, Beijing,  China

Professor Emiritus,The Open International University for complimentary medicines 

(Medicina Alternativa International), Srilanka.

President, Indian Institute of Holistic Medicine

Dean, Huang Di Neijing Acupuncture Research Centre

Visiting Professor International Institute Integrated Medical Sciences.

Founder member of commonwealth Institute of  Acupuncture and Natural Medicines

Fellow of Medicina Alternativa International Srilanka.

Member, International Acupuncture Society, Hong Kong.

Member, International LASER therapy Association 

Member, Scandinavian Acupuncture Foundation.

Member, International college of Acupuncture.

Medals, Awards and Accolades 

"World Famous Doctor award "(China 2001)

"The Physician of the Century"  International Honour By Med, Alt. at Colombo, Srilanka (Jan 2000).

The Albert Schweitzer International prize for medicines (1999)

Appreciation Award at Singapore (2000)

Paxmundi International Award   (1996)

Best Paper certificate, Malaysia (1996)

Certificate of Excellence Srilanka (1994) (1998)

Fellowship award for Professional Excellence (Academic Diplomatique De La Paix) (1998)

Shield of Excellence by Chinese Acupuncture Academy, Pakistan (1994)

Best Research paper award for How to live 100 years- Awarded in International Conference Beijing,China (1995)

Gold Medal for Excellence and Merit- By Medicina Alternativa International Srilanka (1992)

Best Acupuncture Teacher award by International Academy of Alternative medicines. (1993)

GEM of Acupuncture (1995) 

GEM of Complimentary medicines (International council of Alt. Medicines)

GEM of Alternative medicines (Board of Alternative medicines)

Honorable Friend of the Institute (Poland 2000)

"Honoro-O-Merito" Accolade ( Italy 2007 )


Jalna Road, Maya Nagar, N 2, Cidco, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431003, India

Health Concerns

Joint & Mobility, Back Pain, Brain Health, Diabetes: Type II, Ear Ache, Eye Diseases, Infertility, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Muscloskeletal Pain


Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine

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  • Experience: 45 Years
  • Language : English | Gujarati | Hindi | Marathi