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With the mission to offer world standards in practice of Homeopathy for patients, Sai homeopathy is led by renowned Dr. Mohan Magotra MD. Dr. Magotra offers homeopathy treatments based on research and evidence and have had successful patient outcomes from over 177 countries in the last 10 years. Dr. Magotra has incorporated homeopathy research in his 35 years of practice out of Canada. An in depth analysis of patient symptoms is done and scientific approach is applied for the treatment. Sai homeopathy clinic is an ISO 9001:2000 certified with a research facility and ability to prescribe homeopathy medicine.

Dr. Magotra has built his homeopathic practice on integrity, honesty, dedication, commitment and accountability with a mission to promote homeopathy in the world. Practicing since 1980, Dr. Magotra pioneered offering online consultation in 1995 and has treated over 80,000 cases with positive outcomes. Combining cutting edge research in his treatment, Dr. Magotra was motivated with the desire to heal the body by natural elements. With combination of research, clinical experience, educator and proponent of Homeopathy, Dr. Magotra presents modern viewpoint on practice of Homeopathy to the world. Backed by research-based data, statistics and scientific documentation, Sai Homeopathy, led by Dr. Magotra presents next phase of innovation in Homeopathy.

Medical Conditions Treated:

We have successfully treated patients who have suffered from arthritis, back pain, chronic pain, herpes, immune problems, menopause, neurological disorders and other degenerative medical conditions. Read our case studies with positive patient outcomes and consult with us with confidence.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Health Concerns

Bone Health, Arthritis, Back Pain, Nausea



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  • Experience: 35 Years
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