About me

I have studied with Dr. Joe Dispenza in the area of neuroscience and meditation, very powerful information and experience to learn to change the brains neuronal pathways which then affect hormone balance and genetic expression as well as dramatic change in outlook, perspective, behavior, and response to environment, in essence, deep transformation. I work with the mind/body system in visioning, creating a clear intention with heightened emotion, to affect change. It is a present/future approach, no longer being defined by the past, rather by a vision of the future.

I teach a 12 week course called Dream Builder, with weekly lessons to listen to, by Mary Morrissey, written assignments for your own introspection, and weekly coaching calls to assist in diving deep into the information and experience of creating a vision for the future, how to embody that vision, and live FROM it, not run towards it. You learn to become it, and then you attract the circumstances that are in alignment with that vision.

I offer "a la carte"coaching sessions of 30-60 minutes, and will do shorter check-ins as well, in both Life Coaching and Health Coaching. I also have a 3 month health coaching program. please inquire for more information.

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Life Coach from Life Mastery Institute

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach from FM Coaching Academy

Certified Counselor from Interchange Counseling Institute, San Francisco

Registered Nurse, Masters degree from Pace University


San Francisco, California, United States

Health Concerns

Hormone Health, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression


Nutrition, Diet Therapy

Profile Details
  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Language : English