About me

I am continually conducting research on a wide range of herbal medicines from around the world. I aim to educate people in the ways of using the earths oldest and best medicines so that they can continue to live healthy lives, and take their wellbeing into their own hands. Herbal medicine is for everyone, as long as you know where to find the information.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Health Concerns

Hair, Skin & Nails, Acne, Epilepsy, Lupus

Profile Details
  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Language : English
Wellness Plans Details
  • Audio Consultations : 2 Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Video Consultation : 2 Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Text Consultation : 2 Duration : 30 Minutes
How it works
This package will help you to navigate the seemingly overwhelming world of herbal medicines and supplements. I will help you learn about what herbs you need, or should be using, and help I will help you to understand how they will help you. 
With this package I will offer you advice on choosing appropriate herbal medicines for your condition or for general wellness and maintenance of health. There are an overwhelming amount of herbal supplements on the market, and a lot of them are simply unnecessary for your specific needs. I will help you to weed through these supplements and medicines to discover how to use herbal medicine to not only treat common medical problems, but also use them to your advantage to remain healthy and free from illness. Plants are the oldest form of medicine, and although modern medicine significantly exceeds this form of medicine in certain areas such as emergency and surgical medicine, an ever increasing amount of scientific research is discovering that these older and seemingly simple herbs are actually much more powerful than previously thought. I am an expert in understanding this research and applying it in a useable format to improve your health at a practical level. With this package I will answer any of your questions and help you find the resources to use this medicine to your advantage.