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SUMMARY Certified Ayurvedic Doctor with more than 5 years of administrative and clinical experience. Skilled in providing consultation and diagnosing various diseases using ayurvedic principles. Expert in providing hands-on Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma therapies. SKILLS ● Health and wellness expertise. ● Ayurvedic diet and nutrition expert. ● Ayurvedic massage therapist. ● Panchakarma Therapist. ● Pulse diagnosis. ● Certified Yoga teacher. ● Aromatherapy (Doterra). EXPERIENCE SANTHIGRAM WELLNESS KERALA AYURVEDA New Delhi, India Ayurvedic Doctor 07/2013 to 10/2016 ● Provided Consultation and diagnosing, according to ayurvedic Principles and prescribes various herbal medications. ● Planned, Organized and supervised and provided Pachakarma Detox therapies to more than 200 patients . ● Completed daily rounds of the in patient department to evaluate patient daily vitals including blood pressure and pulse. ● Developed curriculum for various training programs like Ayurvedic panchakarma therapist program, Ayurvedic nursing program, Ayurvedic Diet and nutrition program. ● Recruited, trained and managed Ayurvedic Massage therapists. ● Organised Free medical camps in various poor communities to educate them about Ayurvedic home remedies for various diseases. SANTHIGRAM WELLNESS KERALA AYURVEDA Naperville, IL Ayurvedic Consultant 10/2016 to Current ● Operates Singlehandedly all the functions of the center from administration, documentation, marketing and patient care. ● Maintained patient appointments using Booker software. ● Provides Ayurvedic consultation using pulse diagnosis and various other ayurvedic diagnosing techniques. ● Does Ayurvedic massage therapies and various Panchakarma therapies. Performed over 2000 Abhyanga ( warm oil massage), 1000 Shirodharas, 500 kateebasti, 50 netrabasti and over 100 panchakarmas. ● Developed comprehensive treatment plan to help the client heal physically emotionally and spiritually. ● Formulated individualized ayurvedic Diet and routine charts. ● Published various articles on Ayurveda on Social media platforms like facebook. ● Organized and executed various community workshops and presentations about Ayurveda. EDUCATION AND TRAINING BACHELOR OF SCIENCE: AYURVEDA 2013 ALN RAO MEMORIAL AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE, MANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA TEACHERS TRAINING CERTIFICATE: YOGA 2014 SIVANANDA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF YOGA, KOZHIKODE, KERALA, INDIA ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Yoga siromani Teacher of yoga Award Attended national seminar and workshop on rasashastra and bhaishajya kalpana .(Achintya 2011) Completed one month training in integrated approach to health ( learning basics of accupressure, reflexology, sujok, moxibustion, reiki and psychonutrition) organised by Catholic health association of india (CHAI) Attended CME on infertility and other gynecological disorders conducted by Ayurveda medical association of India Certified Aromatouch therapist (Dottera)


Naperville, Illinois, United States

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Joint & Mobility, Sciatica



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  • Experience: 5 Years
  • Language : English