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I graduated from the National University of Ireland in 2008 as a medical doctor. I subsequently completed my internship in a public hospital in Malaysia and stayed on to further my training in general surgery. I received my postgraduate qualification and became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2014. Since then I have worked in Ireland.

During my years of clinical experience, I met so many patients with chronic illnesses unfortunately brought on by lifestyle choices. They were so dependent on medications which were not capable of really curing them; only relieving the symptoms or controlling the progression of the disease. They did not realise how much control they could have over their own health and were so reliant on the prescriptions which sometimes caused them more problematic side effects than the disease itself.

It is because of this that I decided to become a certified health coach and take up Integrative Nutrition. I found that doctors alone did not have enough time to spend with the patient during their consultations. In fact, most doctors only average about 10 minutes per patient. This is definitely not enough time to explain much. Learning to be a health coach has allowed me to combine my knowledge of traditional western medicine with the power of using food as part of the treatment. There are obviously certain diseases where food cannot be the only treatment modality, but it certainly provides a synergistic effect. I believe being both a doctor AND a health coach is an asset as I am able to educate and empower patients better, whilst also ensuring that the underlying symptoms are not secondary to a serious medical condition.


Dublin, Leinster, Ireland


Holistic Medicine

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