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"Angel Lyn Horner, Acupuncture Physician, MAOM, DOM FLA. LIC # MA42220, AP2650 Acupuncture Physician, Graduate of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine. Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Practicing natural health, bodywork and massage modalities since 1994. Currently studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Angel takes an unconventional approach to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Angel is known for her ability to think outside the box, bridging the gap of East meeting West for patients who seek her services for a wide range of needs. From restoring overall balance and health to anxiety, pain, chronic and acute cases, and addiction, to children and geriatrics as well as help for pregnancies and infertility. Trainings: Graduate of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville Florida, completed a 80 hour internship at Kunming Provential TCM Hospital, in Kunming, China. Practices Contemporary Chinese Medicine and Pulse System (R) (A Registered Tradmark by Dr. Leon Hammer), TCM,Herbology and Oriental Bodywork Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis(A Registered Trademark by Dr. Leon Hammer): Assesses the patients unique and individual physical, mental and emotional resources, and where a deficiency or vulnerability may present. The pulse of a person supplies critical information for the treatment of an individual from a Oriental Medicine standpoint. The pulse also provides the practitioner with information on a preventive level, and about the current disease process in a patient. Mastery of this pulse systems provides 28 positions and over 52 qualities in which a acupuncture Physician can map out a persons strengths and weaknesses on a individual level. This pulse system is unique. Angel currently attends advanced after graduation classes in this system with Dr. Leon Hammer. Contemporary Oriental Medicine ( A Registered Trademark by Dr. Leon Hammer): Endeavors to emphasize lifestyles of individual patients, and the connection with individual primary disease process. This along with identifying the root cause , and treating the root results in better treatment. COM integrates the best of 5 Element Model, TCM,and other treatment modalities and traditions providing the Acupuncture Physician with a solid foundation for their practice. ( for more information follow the "Dragon Rises- link on the home page) * Graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage- Deep Tissue, Canadian Deep Muscle, Neuro Muscular Trigger Point Work, Myofascial Release, Cross Fiber Technique. *ETPS (SM)- Neuroanatomical Pain Therapy and Work available. *Biomat Sessions available. *Aqua Detox Foot Spa sessions available. * ARCB Certified Reflexology. Reflexology is a science dealing with the principle that there are reflex areas located on the hands, feet and ears that correspond with the glands, organs, and other body parts and systems. Reflexology includes but is not limited to relieving stress, and assisting the body to achieve balance. Homeostasis by stimulating the reflex areas or their corresponding areas. *Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage, Studied with the North American Vodder School, and The Vodder Schule in Walsee, Austria. The Vodder Technique was developed by Emil Vodder, in which the lymph pathways of the body are cleared, and manually drained. It is usually recognized as mostly for lymph edema, but the Vodder trained therapists are certified to treat 60 pathologies thru the Vodder Schule in Austria using this precise technique. *Specialized Energy Kinesiology- A science using the bodys muscles as a feedback system in order to balance body systems and the bilateral energy meridians. This may include physical balancing as well as emotional. Modalities included are: Touch for Health, TBM (Total Body Modification) Neuro Organization Technique, Kinergetics, and LEAP, and Applied Physiology. These are strictly to balance the body, and not intended to treat disease. *Bach Flower Remedies, Australian Bush Remedies, Dessert Flower Essences. Flower extracts use the vibrations of various flowers to help balance emotional states and enhance wellbeing. They do not treat physical illnesses directly but help restore harmony to the mind so the bodys natural defenses may work more easily. * Cranial Sacral Work, studied with the Upledger Institute, and have completed, Cranial Sacral 1, and 2. Somatic-Emotional Release 1, along with Cranial Sacral Dissection. *Various Nutritional and Whole Food studies, advocate of whole food supplements, avoiding the use of synthetically prepared nutritionals. Eating to balance the elements, based on Paul Pitchfords book Healing With Whole Foods. Recommended site: Weston A. Price.Org."


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